Our Flavors

Choose from our wide variety of flavors:

Chocolate Chip - The chocolate lover's classic filled with real chocolate chunks and chocolate chips

Chocolate Chip with Almonds - Add a sprinkling of almonds to the chocolate chip classic for extra crunch and flavor

Chocolate Chunk - Triple the satisfaction with chocolate chunks, pecans and a hint of mocha

Caramel Pecan - The perfect combination of scrumptious caramel and crunchy pecans

Chocolate Mocha - Delight in the indulgent flavor of chocolate mocha and pecans

Oatmeal Chip Whole Wheat - Our best selling flavor, this is the ideal balance of chocolate chips mixed with oatmeal and whole wheat flour

Butterscotch - Buttery flavor biscotti bursting with butterscotch chips

Marble - Delightful fusion of chocolate and vanilla flavors, for enjoyable taste and beautiful presentation

Craisin Almond - Chewy sensation of craisins and almonds packed into this biscotti


Low Fat Flavors

The Biscotti Factory's Low Fat Flavors contain no oil or butter, and are thinly sliced for perfect dipping and munching. available in mini's and 5 inch individually wrapped size. each 5 inch contains 3 or 4 thinly sliced pieces.

Low Fat Praline Almond - The sweet and nutty taste of almonds and almond praline

Low Fat Chocolate Almond - The deep chocolate flavor with chopped almonds make this a real winning flavor

Low Fat Chocolate Coconut - Mild coconut mixed with chocolate for an irresistable taste

Low Fat Oatmeal Craisin Whole Wheat - A satisfying mix of healthy oatmeal, cinnamon and craisins

Low Fat Anisette - If you love black licorice, you'll love this anisette biscotti

Craisin Almond Lowfat - Chewy sensation of craisins and almonds packed into this biscotti.